Breaking Bread in Galilee


What a wonderful book – evocative, moving, fascinating, about a food, a country and people we want to know about. It is an important book that matters, and you have written it so well.”  Claudia Roden

When the author, an American writer living in the Galilee, set out to learn about edible wild plants from her Bedouin neighbors, she stepped into a world of local foods tracing back to the very foundations of human civilization.

Breaking Bread in Galilee, published by Hilayon Press, recounts a journey into Northern Israel’s agricultural landscape, to discover foodways described in the Bible that are still being practiced today, but may be bound for extinction in our lifetime.   In the process, she also discovers that dialogue over food effectively dispels mistrust and creates a powerful bridge across the Jewish-Arab divide.

Reviews of Breaking Bread in Galilee:

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